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Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1 & Miss Wildsmith

Welcome to the Year 1 Class pages.  The latest newsletters, along with other information can be found in Year 1 Information above.   Keep checking the @Home section for useful resources and activities to do at home.


Year 1 Routines

PE – is held on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Homework – this term children have been given a ‘My Home Learning Challenges’ booklet. Pupils have until Christmas to complete these challenges. They can bring their signed booklets in when they have completed each challenge for a stamp.

Reading – we aim to read with all children every week, however books can be changed on request as needed. Children are encouraged to put their reading books in the box for changing when needed.


Gardening Fun

Year 1 have been having a great time in the garden. However, before they could start planting vegetables, it was decided that a new scarecrow needed to be made. Year 6 have been helping a little bit as well.





Busy, Busy, Busy!

Year 1 have been learning how to use the laptops and writing about their favourite toys. They were then very busy making Mother’s Day cards as well as baking and decorating biscuits.  





Aliens Have Landed

Everyone has been very busy designing and making their own hand puppets.  The children have learnt how to sew and have made some fabulous alien friends.  See more pictures in our Alien Puppet Making Gallery.






Year 1 Protect Beegu

Year 1 were challenged with the task to build a shelter to protect Beegu the Alien from a storm that was coming.  The children used natural materials to build the shelters and did a fantastic job at working together as a team.    Please see our Shelter Building Gallery for more pictures.





Fantastic Adjectives

The children have been thinking of fantastic adjectives.  In groups, they then described their favour characters and presented their favourite adjectives to the class.