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Menu Sparkles!

By William & Amelia

The special menu was bangers and mash or jacket potato.  For dessert it was firecracker cake, fruit or yoghurt.

On Monday 6th November there was a Bonfire Menu for everyone at lunch time.  This was because the night before it was Bonfire Night (a night which we remember because Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament).  At lunch time everyone was very excited for this very special lunch, more than usual, everyone loves Bonfire Night and food.  We spoke to Archie in Year 5 and he said, “I love it!  The cooks are really good at what they do!”  We also spoke to Cameron in Year 3 and he said, “It was a great name for the food and I loved it!”  Everyone else also said that they loved the food and had a happy and safe Bonfire Night.




Reception Class Invaded by Crocodile!

By Molly & Scarlett












In the first week of term, Holy Family had a Roald Dahl Day.  Every class had fun with a different Roald Dahl story.  Reception Class did the Enormous Crocodile and even had a story from an enormous crocodile.  It was very friendly.  

Year 1 did James and the Giant Peach and did peach tasting.  Mrs Robinson and Year 2 did The Twits, who are extremely messy.  Year 5 did The BFG and made their own bullies.  Year 3 did The Witches and had a lot of fun with Mrs Atkinson.  Year 4 did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and made models.  Year 6 did Revolting Rhymes and they were really revolting.   Everyone had a brilliant day!




By Ben, Ellie & Amelia

At the start of every new school year, new people join school in Reception Class.  We went into the class to meet them and find out if they were enjoying themselves.  They have been having fun with their buddies, painting, dressing up as different characters, playing with dolls, cars and playdough. Faye said she likes playing with her friends and Matilda said she likes everything. 









School Refurbishment  By Eleanor & Samuel

The school refurbishment is complete, it has new windows, more space and looks better from the inside and outside. 

Modern & Very Nice 

The work started before the summer holidays and it was finished this term.  Pupils and Teachers were asked what they thought of their new school, they all said it is now modern and very nice. It is not as hot in some of the classrooms and they like the bright walls.  It looks better everywhere.










One Big Pyjama Party!    by Anna, Alex and Ruby C





On Thursday 2nd March, 2017 a bizarre thing happened at Holy Family RC Primary School.  Children and staff turned up at school in their nightwear!

Onesies & Fluffy Slippers

The non-uniform day was in aid of World Book Day 2017 and the theme was Bedtime Stories and Traditional Tales. Classes joined together in the school hall for assembly.  Mr Peacock, in his pyjamas and slippers, talked to the whole school about traditional tales.

Back in class, everyone had a great day.  Each class had lots of fun with different stories. Reception Class read The Gingerbread Man, they made some wanted posters and baked some gingerbread men.  Year 1 read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Year 2 read The Three Little Pigs and had a fun afternoon recreating the story and characters.  Even Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 read stories and had a great day doing different creative things connected to the class story.



School Meals Prepared By Award Winning Staff

by Jack, Ethan and Issy

Mrs Lynch-Brown is studying for qualifications in Food Production and Cooking and has been awarded Learner Of The Month. 

Mrs Lynch-Brown, pictured with Mrs Ridley, works in the kitchen at Holy Family School where they both take great pride in preparing the school meals. Mrs Ridley said, “Mrs Lynch-Brown’s award is very well deserved. A number of other students studying the same qualification were considered, but Mrs Lynch-Brown’s dedication and hard work made her stand out above the rest.”





 By Jack, Ethan, Isabella, Pippa, Rheanna & Penny


On Friday 10th February, Year 5 had a very special visitor. It was the MP for Darlington, Jenny Chapman.

The class have been researching what it was like years ago to work in the mills. Every member of the class then wrote to Jenny Chapman about the harsh conditions and punishments the mill workers used to face.

During her visit, three children read out their letters and the class had the chance to ask her some questions about being an MP and her opinion on other things.

One member of the class said, “we had lots of fun asking her questions and reading our letters to her. Then we all had a photograph with her to remember her visit.”



Bugs Take Over Library!

The current feature being enjoyed in the school library is bugs, all thanks to the dedicated team of volunteer school librarians. The children particularly look forward to seeing the different displays and books when they visit the library.

Weekly Visits

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children have the opportunity to visit the library on a Monday afternoon and Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 children visit on a Friday afternoon.  During the sessions, children can take a book home to enjoy for the week and then return or exchange it the following week.


Year 5 & Year 6 Make A SPLASH!

Over the last couple of weeks, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 have been going to the Dolphin Centre to take part in swimming trials for the Darlington Primary Schools Swimming Gala being held in March 2017. 

Keen swimmers from both classes completed time trials for different swimming strokes, to gain a place on either the Year 5 or Year 6 swimming team, the trials were extremely close for all the swimmers. 

Once the teams are announced, they will then attend weekly training sessions until the Gala.  At the Gala, they will compete against teams from other primary schools in the Darlington area.   Good Luck Holy Family!