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Collective Worship


Collective Worship

Whole School Collective Worship

Mrs Weatherall plans and leads Collective Worship with the whole school every Monday morning.  It is linked to the Gospel readings from Sunday Mass, as well as relevant themes linking to our liturgical year and diocesan themes such as, Year of Mary and Oscar Romero.

On other days each class Teacher takes it in turn to plan and deliver Collective Worship for their children.  Again, this links to the liturgical year as well as events of the week.

On a Friday morning, ‘Special Mentions’ for achievements and celebrations from the week also take place during our Friday Collective Worship and on the last Friday of every month each class takes it in turn to lead the liturgy for the whole school.  Families and parishioners are invited to come along.


Class Worship

Children are supported in planning and leading liturgies in the class, sometimes with their Teacher and sometimes independently.  They are encouraged to think about how they will gather together, they listen carefully to the Word and think about their mission in carrying out the Gospel message within their daily lives at both school and home.  They develop a wonderful sense of awe and wonder about the small things they can do to help make a big difference.  They recognise that praying is one of those things.

Our class liturgies show clear progression in terms of leadership and as the children reach Key Stage 2 they become liturgy leaders; leading independently in small groups.