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Reception Class

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Welcome to Reception Class

Welcome to our Class pages. Please see our Information page and @Home section for useful resources and activities.

We are privileged to be part of your child’s first year in school. It is such a magical year, watching the children grow and develop, not only academically, but also in confidence. In our Reception Class, we learn through play and adult led activities to encourage the children to use their own inquisitive ideas and develop them over time.

We teach daily phonics and numeracy lessons, then allow children to access quality provision, so that they may reach their potential independently and at their own pace.


Reception Class Routines

PE – is held on Tuesday.

Homework – is given on Friday and expected back on Wednesday

Reading – we aim to read with the children twice a week, although books can be changed on request as needed.


Class Dojo – We are using the Class Dojo App, which works via tablets, smart phones and computers and is free to download. Using this system we will be able to share images of your child and their work and we look forward to opening our classroom. If you would like to join, download the Class Dojo App or click the image to open by a web browser, create a parents account, tap add child and enter your child’s code. If you don’t have a code, please contact us by email and we will happily send it to you.



Fr Kevin carried out baptisms for two of our dolls at school. The children had a great time being part of a real baptism, as they have been learning about this Sacrament. Their Year 6 buddies also joined them in Church to share the experience.




Football Skills

When the children decide they want to play football. They made a goal, with markings and even used a manhole cover as their penalty spot. There was quite a queue at one point to try and score a goal.




Forest School

The children had a great morning at Forest School. More pictures in our Forest School gallery.




Finding Daisy

During their fun morning in the garden, the children have found a Dinosaur called Daisy sitting in her nest. Daisy is going to be helping the children with their learning and she is especially excited to read messages. Perhaps the children would like to do some at home and send them to school for her read!  See more photographs in our Finding Daisy gallery.




Coffee Afternoon

Parents and family members of children in Reception Class were welcomed to a coffee afternoon on Tuesday 17th September, 2019 from 2.45 pm.  It was a lovely opportunity for parents to meet and chat before pick up.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.


First Outing

Children in Reception Class had their first outing to the Post Office.  Everyone had a lovely morning looking around the shop and learning all about the work of the Post Office!  More pictures are in our Post Office gallery.





Welcome to Holy Family School.  We are looking forward to sharing their learning and adventures.