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Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2 & Mrs Smith

Welcome to the Year 2 Class pages. Please see our Information page and @Home section for useful resources and activities.


Year 2 Routines

PE – is held on Monday and Friday.


Class Dojo – We are using the Class Dojo App, which works via tablets, smart phones and computers and is free to download. Using this system we will be able to share images of your child and their work and we look forward to opening our classroom. If you would like to join, download the Class Dojo App or click the image to open by a web browser, create a parents account, tap add child and enter your child’s code. If you don’t have a code, please contact us by email and we will happily send it to you.


Monster Fun!

It’s story time with Tom Fletcher and these little monsters.  Click the picture below to find out more.


Letter From Mrs Smith

Hello Year 2.


Top Secret!

As part of their Special Agent training, Year 2 children have been given an envelope which is Top Secret!



The children have been working really hard in class learning their spellings. Click the image below for some spelling games focusing on contractions.



Year 2 have been learning about Florence Nightingale.  One of their glittery experiments taught them about germs.  The class then had a lesson and learnt a song about how to wash hands correctly.  Have a go at the song via the link below.



RE Fun

The Class are having a great time learning the different books of the Bible using this Rap!  Click the image below and have a go!



Travelling Crib

During Advent, children were able to take home one of the class Travelling Cribs.  These are special bags that contain a writing book, a nativity scene and the Christmas Story.   The children were then asked to either write or draw a picture in the book to share their experience with the Travelling Crib.  We received some wonderful work. 





The children have been learning about Judaism and the celebration of Shabbat, they took on the roles of family members, they learnt how to plait and made challah bread. The class then enjoyed some time as friends and learnt just how special Shabbat must be for Jewish families. 




Mini Beast Hunting

The children really enjoy going into the school garden and woodland area. During this visit they were looking to see how many different mini beasts they could find. 




Woodland Fun

Year 2 went into our woodland habitat, they played a game called lunchtime and pretended to be part of a food chain surviving in our habitat.  In the game they had to find a food source. The children know that the sun is a source of energy for plants and that a food chain is made up of animals that provide energy for one another. They also know that animals depend on plants and other animals for survival.  




Bowes Museum Fun

Year 2 had a really fun day at Bowes Museum, see the Bowes Museum gallery for more pictures from their trip.